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Steel Buildings for Infrastructure Developments in Sri Lanka
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D.A.D Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is an engineering and contracting company principally involved in the construction of pre-fabricated structural steel framed industrial buildings. The company's experience, engineering expertise and versatility is the hall mark of its success in Sri Lanka.

D.A.D was incorporated in 1997. Since then it has constructed a large number of factory buildings for clients in Sri Lanka - particularly for those clients investing in the Investment Promotion Zones. The company continued expanding its operations and is now exporting its prefabricated buildings.

D.A.D's strength lies in its engineering and construction capabilities of designing and fabricating wide span frames (in excess of 40 meters) and in being able to conceptualize and execute turnkey projects.
This brochure introduces DAD by outlining its engineering capabilities profiles of some of the successfully completed and bear testimony to the company's ability to adapt to diverse client needs.
Portal Frames
The portal frame is probably the most popular method of constructing wide span buildings in the world today. Simplicity of construction and the possibility of spans of over 60 meters without any internal columns., valley gutters of drains are some of the features of these buildings.

Any Height: To maximize the use of all available space, any dimensions specified by our Clients can be manufacture.
Any Length: Buildings can be constructed to any length as required by the Client.
Any Roof Pitch: The roof slopes are designed so that economical and reliable sheeting material can be used for the roof covering.
Multi-Spans: Where a clear span is unnecessary, mutiple-spans of portal frames can be linked together.
Portal Variations
Tide Portal: This design ensures foundation costs are kept to a minimum when ground conditions are poor or when cranes are to be located in the roofs of high buildings. The horizontal tie at eaves level can also be used to support lightweight services such as lighting to trucking for air-conditioning, etc.
Propped Portal
Normally at a lower cost but with many of the advantages of the clear span frame. There is no limit in this type of construction to the number of spacing of internal props, which can also be used to support cranes or mezzanine floors, when required.
Planning and Technical Services
Services ranging from design to fabrication and erection of prefabricated structural steel framed industrial buildings are provided. This service includes all civil works as well.

Eminently qualified, our staff provide advice on design specifications, deliveries and finance, in-order to provide the most economical solution. This service is provided at no our clients.

Time Saving: The buildings are pre-engineered under strict tolerances at our yard and erected in a simple "Meccano set" type operation. Absolute accuracy in the fabrication process ensures that there is no need for on-site welding, drilling or cutting. Speedy erection is thus ensured.

Conclusion: Our service and our products are unmatched. They meet with the highest standards of the industry, are flexible in meeting Client needs and are the most cost-effective when price, performance and permanence are all important.
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